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Mixed Martial Arts:

“The complete martial arts!” Stand-up, Clinch and Ground curriculum, blending the efficient and proven delivery systems of Boxing, Muay Thai, Greco-Roman Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu; coached intelligently utilizing SBGi fundamental coaching principles.



Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu:

A ground based martial art that applies technical fundamentals of posture, pressure, leverage, mobility and stability to immobilize opponents through the correct use of weight distribution and submissions such as joint locks and airway/circulation disruptions. Brazilian jiu-jitsu sings the song of efficient position, leverage strength application, movement expression, physical problem solving, cardio and metabolic conditioning. The intelligent martial art for a life time of training!





Kickboxing for MMA:

Learn the art of punching and kicking. Combining footwork, head movement, weight distribution for powerful striking, and clinch strategy for MMA and self defence.


MoveFit Fitness Training:

Fitness training to reach personal fitness goals. Integrating Function, Fitness, Mobility, Stability and Wellness. Programmes include: Movement Screening, Myosteopractic, BoxFit, Strength and Kettlebell Conditioning. 







MoveFit Combat Athlete (MMA / Self defence / Fitness)

The ultimate combination of functional fitness (Interval conditioning training, Mobility) and functional martial arts (Kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Weaponry arts, Self defence) ..Get fit and learn a skill! SMAC - Stick Methods And Counters / STAB - Survival Tactics Against Blade.

SBG is one the main innovators in the martial arts world, its curriculum makes it simple and effective for newcomers to grasp the important fundamentals. Students are taught a solid foundation allowing the student to functionally comprehend the material. The comprehensive curriculum in Stand-up, Clinch and Ground revolves around the fundamentals of the delivery system; because of this each student is given the freedom to develop his/her own style; that is optimum for their body, mind and temperament.