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About Us

SBG Cape Town - Functional Martial Arts

Such is the investigative nature of man and woman that we enter a life-long journey to seek the truth in the information given to us. As children at a certain age we questioned the validity of the tooth fairy, we asked and probed until the truth was revealed to us. Obviously the misinformation was not meant to mislead but rather to encapsulate our world at that particular age in order for us to better understand.

Martial arts by its very nature of combative challenges will raise this question often in our minds. Truths in combat, truth in application, truth in helping us become a better person. Unfortunately many traditional martial art systems and styles have misinformed the public about the realities of combat. Practising dead pattern drills against compliant partners with fanciful techniques will only lead the practitioners into a false sense of reality. If the style or system does not practice with “Aliveness” which is Energy, Motion and Timing against a resisting opponent you are being misled.

Many traditional martial art systems will make up the shortfall of their combative knowledge by claiming, for example; that their system or style can trace its lineage back by centuries to some unearthed clay pot found in the foothills of the Abyssinian mountains or teachers who state that they possess mystical inner energy that will vanquish foes of great strength and skill. It is this phoney legacy that becomes a sacred cow. Students buy into a system that prohibits the asking of pertinent questions that probe the inefficiency of their style or system. In other words, adults are expected to believe in the notion that the tooth fairy still exists.

A further example would be of a tennis player practicing against an imaginary opponent without the use of a tennis ball. He would appear to be masterful against all the possible shots as he strokes the air with grace and elegance. Place him on a tennis court with an opposing player serving a ball with top spin, if he has never practised with energy, motion and timing (Aliveness), how does he expect to play tennis?

Why do SBG?

Is your objective to get in better shape? Do you want to relieve stress and feel more confident? Learn how to defend yourself? Perhaps you’d like to learn a skill that is fun and interesting and that you won't appear awkward doing? If any or all of these are true then Functional Martial Art Systems may be exactly what you are looking for!

Whether seeking to defend yourself in the street or compete in the ring, it is necessary to train in three ranges of fighting: Stand-up, Clinch and Ground. We think less in terms of techniques and more in terms of what will work best at any given moment in any of the above ranges.

SBGi is not about being "street fighters." Our gym provides a space for combat athletes who may also be concerned with self-defence when necessary. A by-product of this training may be the desire and ability of its athletes to compete in MMA, BJJ or submission wrestling competitions. Training with “Aliveness” allows our members to be successful in whatever endeavour they choose. If you don't spar, if your training is not "Alive" but instead a series of dead patterns and "flow drills", then what you do will not translate into actual fighting.

The vast majority of the members SBGi train exclusively for fitness and fun, which leads to stress release and a sense of well being. Drilling and sparring for sport has proven to be the most intensive, challenging and safe way to build the necessary attributes for self-defence as well as overall fitness.

Classes at all Straight Blast Gym Affiliates worldwide utilize a comprehensive martial arts pioneering concept that was created as a non-political location for freedom to use, and discover what actually works. It is a place where athletes and beginners can gather to spar and learn in a functional, safe and liberating environment, where the path of self-realization is much clearer. The training we are speaking of is not an exchange of meaningless techniques, but highly physical, sweating, moving, "ALIVE", training.

(And we have loads of fun too! Why do it if you’re not going to enjoy yourself?)

What We Do:Boxing

  • Use efficient and proven delivery systems drawing from western boxing, Muay Thai, Greco roman wrestling, freestyle wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu 
  • Stand up striking system 
  • Clinch range involving core protection and opponent immobilization 
  • Clinch striking system using elbows, knees and other close quarter tools
  • Ground movement principles and tactics 
  • Takedowns and sprawls
  • Functional weaponry
  • Athletic conditioning - strength, flexibility and
  • Self-preservation adaptability and tactics - learn that plans change upon contact
  • Train the individual for his/her needs - planning that circumstances will dictate the tactics
  • Learn to instill personal discipline and build character
  • And .... have fun!

What we don’t do:

  • Learn 108 different techniques when only 1 will do
  • Shout and grunt and do meaningless austerity training
  • Teach unsuitable techniques and fob it off as traditional