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SBG - Straight Blast Gym

We are an organization that is literally built of, and on, each and every one of its members, and their individual questions, experiences, discoveries, needs and concerns. That includes both males and females, from age 4 through to those well over 54. People who train for reasons spanning fun, fitness, recreation, sport, self-defense on through to specialized agencies, facilities and units.

We are not an MMA gym, BJJ federation, JKD school, firearms facility, self-defense academy or fitness center. We are each, and all of those and much, much more; integrated and systematically comprehensive through the blood, sweat, trials and critical thinking of training through, and with, aliveness.

We are small businesses, huge centers, store-front academies, neighborhood garages, warehouse studios, park gatherings, study groups, and individuals, united through an affiliation more rooted in experimentation, innovation, and creation than any mechanistic or personality-driven organization could ever hold together, let alone manage.

We have motivated, united and kept together some of the most creative and proven coaches world wide and as an organization, produced entire curriculums on MA topics and interests ranging from specific sport and self-defense applications to field tested and evolutionary tactics and strategies for both sworn and non-sworn law enforcement agencies and professions. (PAW, Intelligent Monkey, ISR, STAB, SMAC, etc.)

  • Although the SBGI does place a large emphasis on the beautiful, practical, and gentle Art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and most of the top Coaches for the SBGI hold Black or Brown belts in this magnificent Art; the SBGI is not just a BJJ school.
  • Although the SBGI does place a large emphasis on the grandfather of all stand up fighting Arts - Boxing, and most of the SBGI Coaches have a strong background in Boxing, Muay Thai, Savate, and other boxing based Arts; the SBGI is not just a Boxing, or Kickboxing Gym.
  • Although the SBGI does place a large emphasis on the much neglected Art of fighting in the clinch, including strikes (elbows, knees, hands, headbutts, etc), takedowns and throws (as drawn from Greco Roman wrestling, freestyle, and BJJ), and positional domination (as drawn from Greco Roman, and Muay Thai), the SBGI is not a wrestling Gym, or MMA "fight club".

On any given week somewhere in the world, we have athletes of all ages competing in various boxing, kickboxing, MMA, BJJ, Judo, and/or submission grappling events while simultaneously elsewhere running pee-wee classes, women's rape-prevention courses, instructing peace officers, training specialized military units, running fitness and well-being classes, etc. And of course to children of all ages who can learn the Arts in a positive atmosphere of friendship and fun.

We coach, learn and train every aspect of our curriculum with a method and approach paramount to learning the way nature intended, through the self-discovery and experienced guidance of progressive but direct immersion and the priceless self-knowledge there gained or re-discovered.

SBGi--Matt Thornton & Chris HaueterWe structure that method (the I-method) and approach (non ABT - non attribute based technology) in a manner that allows teaching to be learning and visa versa.

We are currently building the processes to assure the longevity and integrity of the organization, and as such, are still learning and evolving as we speak. SBGi emerged with its emphasis on aliveness and then naturally, moved towards its sequential expression and validation in proof, through performance and objective measurement.

Clearly, SBGi has now evolved, once again, naturally, to make contribution its main emphasis; sharing its' discoveries and its own growth with all those who choose to take part.

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