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The Coach

Steven-BazzeaSteven Bazzea began his martial arts journey in 1972 through the influence of his step-father who practiced Judo and Goju Ryu karate. Following an active sport karate career where he was awarded Springbok colours and numerous SA championship titles, his voyage of discovery led him to train in many different types and styles of martial arts. Pre UFC and the internet, there was not much on offer that could quell that feeling that there was something missing in traditional martial arts. Fortunately in 1998 one of the first grappling seminars was conducted in South Africa; the content was raw and unsophisticated; but it did enough to show the way forward. The only exposure in those early days of BJJ was scratchy video tapes and the odd news about the UFC.

Meeting Matt Thornton in 2001 helped piece together the fundamentals of Stand up, Clinch and Ground. Steve joined Straight Blast Gym International (SBGi) and the visionary application of “Aliveness“ in martial arts. SBGi was doing Stand up, Clinch and Ground (MMA) long before many gyms knew about it.

Steve has travelled to train in Brazil, Ireland, Slovakia and Italy and thanks all the instructors and coaches that have helped him develop his game, notably Matt Thornton, John Kavangh, Roger Gracie, Ricardo de la Riva, Rodney King and Chris Haueter.

Today Steve coaches children and adults at his gym which focuses on Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts, Yoga and Personal Fitness Training.

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Personal Fitness Training - individualised fitness training and corrective exercise strategy to help clients reach personal fitness goals, integrating Function, Fitness, Mobility, Stability and Wellness

Kettlebell Method - “The return of an old master”, kettlebells are lauded for their ability to target the body’s stabilizers in specific total body dynamic movements. It focuses on core stability, cardio strength and joint health.

Movement Screening is a seven point movement analysis that identifies problems and restrictions with the human body’s normal movement patterns. These movement issues can lead to the body compensating in unnatural ways to achieve movement patterns in everyday life, athletic pursuits, or even the activities of daily living, which can in turn lead to a higher chance of injury. The Movement Screening test identifies an individual’s movement issues and, based on the results, applies corrective measure and exercises which will lead to more correct movement patterns.

Myosteopractic is a functional bodywork system that integrates a range of functional alignment and structural release techniques to achieve optimal health and performance. Assists in the alignment of the spine; the release of joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments; opens neural channels; and rebalances myofascial lines.  www.myosteopractic.co.za